The Newman Watchclock

Includes Newman Watchclock with Leather Pouch and Carrying Strap

The Newman was the first portable watchclock of American design. Built to a high standard of quality and ruggedly constructed, it is simple in operation and provides maximum service with minimum wear. The Newman was also the first portable watchclock to receive the labels of Underwriters Laboratories and Factory Mutual. It is approved by insurance companies worldwide.

Part Number N-24

Price: $470.00

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3 Responses to The Newman Watchclock

  1. Juan Torres says:

    I’m looking to have more information about these watch clock, we’re looking to buy something like this, but I need to know what else come together with the watch clock, such key’s, pint out paper, warranties etc, etc. If you have any brochure with all information together will be better

  2. I bought a Detex Newman watchclock from a used dealer and I would like to have a case key and at least 1 winding key. it is like the one listed here the N-24. I am a clock collector and this would be nice to have in my collection.I guess it would be good to have some paper discs also.

  3. I used to own West Coast Security Agency for 27 and a half years and used one similar to this at one of my client’s and the Amono at another.

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