Detex ProxiPen System and Supplies »

Trust Detex to put the most advanced technology in proximity-based guard tour verification systems within your reach. The ProxiPen system gives you consistently accurate data readings without direct contact, plus a consistently great price.

Detex Escorte Systems and Supplies »

The Detex Escorte system is reliably used in thousands of facilities throughout the world. Its heritage dates back to 1982, was revised in 1989 and refined in 1992. Built tough with a rugged, 100% waterproof design, the system incorporates a manipulation-proof design; captures 12,000 data strip readings before requiring downloading; and does not require recharging.

Escorte product obsolete as of January 1, 2010. Limited availability. Call to check inventory

Guardsman and Newman Watchclocks and Supplies »

Still working everyday the Detex Guardsman offers 120 hours of activity recording. The first portable watchclock of American design, the Newman creates a record every 24 hours. Complete product support including annual clean, oil and adjustments (COA) as well as Detex dials and tape are available from The E. C. Cush Company.