The Company

The E. C. Cush Company has been a Detex distributor since 1948. We have access to sell most of the major Guard Tour Verification products available today. Rather than competing with ourselves, a strategic decision was made many years ago to sell only the Detex product line. The choice was simple, as experts, we find the Detex product incomparable.  We are not confused. Why would we confuse our clients?

As a small Maryland business, we provide service throughout the United States. The Company’s dedication to a single product line provides a focus rarely seen in today’s marketplace.

The verification of Guard Tours has been an issue as long as there has been a Watchman. The security industry is filled with integrators who try to offer comprehensive solutions. We are still specialists. The solution to the problem is simple; just call the E. C. Cush Company at 301-354-6064.

Call us today at 301-354-6064 to learn how E.C. Cush can become your partner in protection.